IN-OVATION Orthodontic Technology Gives You a Gorgeous Smile in Less Time

Having a beautiful smile, featuring straight white teeth, doesn’t have to be just a dream any more. Today, there is a specialized brace system called IN-OVATION that can gently move teeth back to the most desirable position to help create your most beautiful smile. Things like elastics and metal ties can become a thing of the past. Ties were often uncomfortable, unsightly and unsanitary due to the problem of food becoming stuck in them, increasing the possibility of infections or tooth decay.

This system of braces relies on the newest technology in brackets that are self-ligating, to give wearers a more comfortable and more pleasant experience when this advanced system is used to straighten teeth. You’ll find that orthodontist appointments are almost cut in half, because there won’t be a need to make adjustments that were necessary with traditional braces.

In-Ovation Offers Attractive Benefits

You’ll find many positive benefits to In-Ovation orthodontics, including:

You’ll love the freedom of being able to spend less time to get better looking orthodontic results. Your mouth will also be healthier due to less chances of plaque buildup and the associated problems like decay or mouth infections.

Three Types Of In-Ovation Orthodontics

There are three attractive choices of styles in In-Ovation brackets:

Why Orthodontists Love Using the Newest Treatment

As your In-Ovation orthodontist, we love using this newest technology for several reasons. We find that we have the ability to use our talent and creativity to manipulate things like your smile aesthetics and facial proportion during treatment, to keep you looking your best. Treatments will be easier for you, and for us. Your teeth will be easier to keep clean, letting us keep track of the progress of your treatment without plaque being a concern.

You’ll also have choices like translucent ceramic and No-Trace options to keep your smile as beautiful as it can be even during treatment to straighten teeth. We can help to recommend the course of treatment that will be the fastest and best for you. We appreciate that treatment will take less time with In-Ovation Orthodontics technology as much as you do!