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Invisalign for Teens

"Dr. Navarro delivers amazing clinical results while utilizing efficient processes that save you time. The Invisalign system uses a 3 step clear aligner method, and gives your smile a perfect outcome!"

Goopy, bulky impressions
are a thing of the past!

Your teen will absolutely love our state of the art technology that makes the process of making impressions the coolest thing ever!

Our high tech imaging software creates a 3D computerized model of your teen’s teeth and can even show you what their smile will look like at the end of their treatment. It only takes a few minutes and there is no discomfort, no bulky impression trays, and absolutely no goop!

Dr. Navarro will create a customized treatment plan using this amazing 3D technology that, combined with Invisalign, will give your teen a gorgeous, healthy smile.

Here’s why you’ll love Invisalign Teen:

Invisalign Teen - Advanced Orthodontic Studio - Irving, TX

Your Family is Our Passion!

You are in the best hands with Dr. Navarro moving your teens teeth! He will help your teen have the smile they’ve always dreamed of!

Our amazing technology allows for precise adjustments to your teen’s teeth.

Modern 3D Technology

Your teen’s treatment is customized to meet their unique needs and wants. Our cutting edge technology ensures accurate and precise results.

The Science of Orthodontics

Our amazing and innovative software allows Dr. Navarro to calculate the exact pressure needed to move your teens teeth to the correct position.

Perfect Smiles

He and his team will give your teen’s teeth the best and most detailed attention to create a beautiful, healthy smile that you (and your teen) will love.