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Dr. Navarro delivers amazing clinical results while utilizing efficient processes that save you time. The Invisalign system uses a 3 step clear aligner method, and gives your smile a perfect outcome!

Your new smile transformation will begin at your first fitting!

We agree that your time is so important, and that’s why we created a three-step process to help you receive the best result possible, while your schedule continues to be priority!

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During your entire treatment, you will continue to see Dr. Navarro at every single visit. We also have different options to help you choose which experience will benefit you and your family most!

Wear your aligners - enjoy your life

Your  aligners are customized to your teeth and your needs, and they are crystal clear! You will have the ease of removing your aligners to brush your teeth, and eat everything just like you did before treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontists first become a dentist, and must graduate at the top of their dental class to even qualify for orthodontic school! In orthodontic school they become experts at the mechanics of moving teeth! Therefore, you should always choose an orthodontist for any type of tooth movement.

Dr. Navarro is highly trained in the Invisalign system, and it is indeed the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. In order for the Invisalign System to work, you must choose the correct doctor, who has trained extensively in the system – and Dr. Navarro is your best choice in the  Houston,TX and Irving, TX area!

 The orthodontist that you choose is not equal to all the others, just like every clear aligner system is not equal! Dr. Navarro will customize your treatment, and see it through to the very end! At our office, you will feel like family, and you will walk away with a healthy and beautiful smile!